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Rare turtle washed up in Denmark after sea odyssey

Date: 06-Dec-99
Country: DENMARK

The turtle, very much weakened after its odyssey, is being taken care of
at Copenhagen's aquarium, biologist Hanne Strager at the aquarium told
Reuters on Thursday.

"The sea turtle is a very rare visitor to Denmark, it is only the second
one this century to be washed up on our coasts alive," Strager said.

"The turtle is very weak and we are worried about its condition. It is
swimming around in warm water and we are trying to feed it," she added.

Strager said the large-headed loggerhead turtle had made its way from
breeding grounds in either the Caribbean or the Mediterranean with the
help of the Gulf Stream, enduring the North Sea's icy waters in the last
part of its journey.

The 30 cm-long (one foot) baby turtle, weighing three kg (6.6 pounds),
was discovered on a beach on Denmark's west coast by a nature warden and
sent to the aquarium.

Loggerhead turtles, one of several endangered species of turtle, measure
up to 110 cms (3.5 feet) and can weigh some 70 kgs (154 pounds) when
fully grown.

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