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Oil spill disperses off Ireland's west coast

Date: 25-Jan-00

A spokesman said an aerial survey of the spill, originally reported by
the fishing boat's captain to be 34,000 gallons (154,600 litres) of
medium fuel oil, had calculated the oil slick at only 500 gallons.

He said the ministry had asked the Dutch coastguard to interview the
captain of the fishing boat to clarify the discrepancy.

The official said the spill was now spread over three very narrow slicks
some four km (2.5 miles) long in total. He said the oil was not expected
to hit the Irish coast but that a spotter plane would be launched later
on Sunday to review the situation.

No one was hurt in the collision on Saturday which took place around 130
km (80 miles) west of the Aran Islands.

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