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If It Makes You Happy

Date: 01-Jul-15
Author: Emily Donnelly
When was the last time you got outside and did something fun? Statistics show that only one in ten children today play outdoors more often than indoors.

Licensing Deadline for NSW Approaches

Date: 01-Jul-15
Author: Ryan Collins
If you're processing or storing waste in NSW, don't get caught out by the 1st August deadline. Find out more.

Grow Happy at Customs House: Nature Playground

Date: 29-Jun-15
Author: Planet Ark
Planet Ark and sponsor, Toyota Australia, have constructed a nature playground on the forecourt of Customs House at Circular Quay!

Donate your old Smartphone* and help a Deafblind person

Date: 25-Jun-15
Author: Ryan Collins
MobileMuster and Able Australia as part of Deafblind Awareness Week (20-27 June) are urging people to support Australia's deafblind community by donating their unwanted working smartphones* (including batteries and chargers) before 31 July 2015.

Get Grubby Then Get Clean

Date: 24-Jun-15
Author: Emily Donnelly
National Tree Day is a fantastic opportunity to get your hands into nature, but getting your hands into nature also means getting your hands dirty.

Trash 2 Treasure With James

Date: 24-Jun-15
Author: Emily Donnelly
When James saw an old mirror sitting on the street he knew he had to take it home and up-cycle it into a beautiful decorative piece.

Plastic Free July Challenge - Tips And Advice

Date: 24-Jun-15
Author: Claire Grant
Australians send a million tonnes of plastic waste to landfill each year, which isn't very sensible! A few Planet Ark staff members are taking on Plastic Free July and have provided some tips on making it a success.

Wise Words From An Eleven-Year-Old

Date: 24-Jun-15
Author: Maya Grant and Planet Ark
It's often said that kids are our future. Fortunately many of them are thinking creatively about how we can all live more sustainably.

The Dalai Lama blesses tree in the 20th year of National Tree Day

Date: 10-Jun-15
Author: Emily Donnelly
"Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions"- His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.

E-Waste Busters

Date: 28-May-15
Author: Emily Donnelly
Each year, we at Planet Ark receive thousands of enquiries from Australians wanting to know how they can recycle their e-waste. Is there a pick up service? Can I put my TV on the street? What about DVD players, are they accepted? Well, we're here to answer those questions and bust a few of myths so you know exactly what to do with your old electronics.

Identifying Asbestos

Date: 28-May-15
Author: Brad Gray
During much of the 20th century, asbestos was considered a wonder-product and helped improve the performance of building materials, but would you know what to do if you found it in your house today?

Dabbling in DIY

Date: 28-May-15
Author: Chris Philpot
"As a new homeowner, I like to dabble in a bit of DIY. And my little son is always there to offer a helping hand," says Chris Philpot, our Paper and Wood Campaign Manager.

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