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Latest Stories

Grow More With National Tree Day

Date: 01-Mar-16
Author: Rebecca Gredley
National Tree Day is a fun, inspiring way to spend time outdoors with family, friends and your local community. Planet Ark and our friends at Toyota are looking for site coordinators for Schools Tree Day on Friday 29th July and National Tree Day on Sunday 31st July to help make it happen.

A Macro Look At Microbeads

Date: 01-Mar-16
Author: Rebecca Gredley
Microbeads may be tiny bits of plastic but they add up to a huge plastic problem in the oceans. Find out who's taking a stance against them what you can do to be part of the solution.

Have A Light Bulb Moment With Broken Bulbs

Date: 12-Feb-16
Author: Rebecca Gredley
Have you ever found yourself wondering what to do with a broken fluorescent light bulb? Their mercury content can be dangerous, so follow our guide to safely cleaning them up

Power Tool Battery recycling creates buzz in Brisbane

Date: 10-Feb-16
Author: Rebecca Gredley
The Power Tool Batteryback recycling pilot program has collected almost two tonnes of batteries for recycling since its launch in September 2015.

New Code Allows for Eight-Storey Timber Buildings

Date: 03-Feb-16
Author: David Rowlinson
What's changed? How to build timber buildings up to 25m and reduce costs by up to 25%

Change Accelerates 'Wood First' Policies

Date: 01-Feb-16
Author: David Rowlinson
Study after study is showing that timber buildings are not only faster and easier to build, they are also cheaper - which is good news for both builders and those commissioning them. More councils are adopting a Wood Encouragement Policy.

Get Your 2016 Environment Action Planner

Date: 28-Jan-16
Author: Rebecca Gredley
Whether you want cartridge recycling box, get in contact with nature or plant a tree - we have a campaign for you

How To Save On Waste Costs

Date: 21-Jan-16
Author: Ryan Collins
There are opportunities for businesses to save costs by managing their waste more effectively. But how is it done? Check out why this Aussie family company is now saving $50,000 a year through better waste management.

New Year, New Products

Date: 21-Jan-16
Author: Rebecca Gredley
If you're looking for ways to reduce your environmental impact, switch to these household items to achieve just that. These products join the growing trend of greener alternatives that make it easier for you to make the planet happier.

Back at work? keep that vacation feeling with some 'Green' time...

Date: 19-Jan-16
Author: Claire Bell
Am I still on my summer vacation I hear you ask? No, I'm on my lunch break, spending time in nature. Research confirms the benefits of time spent in natural environments.

Look Who's Recycled 30 Million Cartridges

Date: 15-Jan-16
Author: Ryan Collins
Well done Australia! We have just hit 30 million cartridges recycled since 'Cartridges 4 Planet Ark' began in 2003.

What does January mean for a Christmas Tree?

Date: 08-Jan-16
Author: Rebecca Gredley
If you have a plastic tree in storage, find out what this time of year means for live trees. Their life cycle extends further than the Christmas season.


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