HP Instant Ink

HP Instant Ink

Reduce your environmental impact with a closed-loop printer cartridge subscription


Planet Ark proudly endorses HP’s subscription service for ink cartridges (HP Instant Ink).

HP Instant Ink is changing the way households and small to medium businesses use their printers, making it easier to reduce their environmental impact and recycle their ink cartridges.

How does HP Instant Ink work?

Instead of buying printer cartridges, customers sign up to a flexible monthly subscription, based on their printing habits. HP sends ink when you need it and charges only for the pages you print. This model may be particularly appealing to households or small to medium businesses who do not use their printer as frequently.

You can sign up to a plan that suits your needs (similar to a phone plan) and if you don’t end up printing all the pages included in your monthly plan, some of these unused pages will roll over to the following month (the exact number will depend on the plan). The subscription includes ink, delivery, and recycling of the used cartridges.

As part of the HP Instant Ink subscription, HP sends subscribers postage-paid recycling envelopes (included with select ink shipments), so you can return your empty ink cartridges once the mailbag is full.

How we know HP Instant Ink is better for the environment

HP commissioned two overseas Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) to determine whether its subscription service has a lower environmental impact than a traditional retail model where customers purchase their cartridges in-store. The LCAs examined the environmental impact of printing 1,000 pages using HP Instant Ink versus both high and low volume ink cartridges bought from a store. They analysed and compared capacity differences, delivery logistics, packaging, and cartridge size in the systems.

The results show the subscription service:

  • requires less packaging

  • delivers more pages per cartridge

  • dramatically reduces distribution impacts (fewer cartridges needed, simpler distribution, bulk shipping, and no consumer in-store purchasing)

  • and has greater end-of-life recovery rates (more cartridges are recycled)

*Study scope: HP Instant Ink versus traditional transactional retail system for black and colour ink cartridges for the same printer.

Planet Ark endorsement for Instant Ink cartridges. Toner under review.

Rethinking how we use products

Do we really need to own the products we use? Subscription and leasing models incentivise brands to implement product stewardship principles where products are designed more efficiently and built to last. Brands also become more accountable for responsible product disposal.

HP Instant Ink is an excellent example of ‘product as a service’ – a business model that is an important element of the growing ‘circular economy’, where resources and materials are kept in use and at the highest value for as long possible.

At Planet Ark, we believe these types of services are the way of the future. We need to rethink how we use our precious resources, and that includes rethinking how we use products.

Learn more about HP Instant Ink.

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