Make It Australian Recycled

Make It Australian Recycled

Closing the paper recycling loop


What is Make It Australian Recycled?

We want to change the way Australians view recycled paper. Many people don’t realise you don’t need to compromise on quality to get the best environmental office paper available, and that by purchasing Australian office paper with a high recycled content you are supporting the Australian recycling industry. 

The Make It Australian Recycled program encourages individuals, workplaces and schools to do their bit for the environment by closing the paper recycling loop – recycling their waste paper and then buying it back by purchasing Australian made office paper with 50% or more recycled content. 

Why should I buy recycled?

By buying office paper made with a high recycled content, you are:

  • Helping divert waste from Australian landfills

  • Reducing your carbon footprint (recycled paper uses less energy and less water in the production process)

  • Supporting the Australian economy and providing local green manufacturing jobs

  • Offsetting the environmental costs of importing paper from overseas

  • Saving virgin resources (using recycled paper keeps paper as a natural resource in circulation for as long as possible)

What is Planet Ark Paper?

As part of this program, Planet Ark has created one of the most environmentally responsible paper products on the market: Planet Ark 100% Australian Recycled Paper

Planet Ark Paper ticks all of the boxes, so you can be sure you’re making the best choice for the environment. Planet Ark Paper is:

  • Made from 100% Recycled and FSC certified Australian post-consumer waste

  • Carbon Neutral and certified through the Australian Government's Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard

  • Australian made in a state-of-the-art Australian Paper facility in Victoria 

By purchasing Planet Ark Paper, you are also extending your environmental impact by supporting our other environmental campaigns such as National Recycling Week and National Tree Day.

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