Endorsed by Planet Ark

Endorsed by Planet Ark

Empowering Australians to make environmentally responsible purchases


What is Endorsed by Planet Ark?

We understand attempting to figure out which product is better for you and the environment can be overwhelming. That’s why we developed the Endorsed by Planet Ark program – to provide you and all Australians with a recommendation on which products to choose in order to reduce your impact on the environment. We’ve done the hard work for you!

By purchasing products that are endorsed by Planet Ark, you’re also supporting our much-loved environmental programs such as National Tree Day and National Recycling Week! 

Who are we trying to help?

The Endorsed by Planet Ark program helps two groups:

  • Consumers: we give shoppers the confidence to use their purchasing power to choose products that have a lower environmental impact than other competing products. Our endorsed products are mainstream and widely accessible. Our aim is to help busy, environmentally conscious families, couples and individuals, who may not have the time to investigate the products themselves, make the best decision for the environment with the products they buy.

  • Businesses: Planet Ark endorsements give businesses and brands a great point of difference from their competitors. By leveraging the trust Planet Ark has as a respected environmental organisation, brands can position their products in the best possible light.

How do we approve products for endorsement?

Before we endorse any product, we do the hard yards to determine its environmental impact. This process involves rigorous research, analyses, supply chain review and more.  

Product Endorsement evaluation infographic

Disclaimer: Whilst no product on the supermarket shelf is perfect in its entirety, we endeavour to provide products with a lower environmental impact than competing products. 

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